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Fiber Optic, Cat5e, Cat6, Audio, Video and Phone

We offer all types of wires and cables in bulk quantities. You'll find the best bulk deals on everything from speaker wires and other electronic wires to Cat cables, coaxial cables, electric wires, telephone wires, fiber optic cables and more.

Bulk Networking and Electrical Cables

Even with the best networking equipment, you can't have a truly dependable and fast network without the right wires and cables. No matter how large or small your network is, it depends on cables and wires -- so you always want to make sure you have enough of them on hand. Bulk wires and cables from are a great way to make sure you have plenty of what you need, whenever you need to make changes to your network. Buying your cables and wires in bulk offers a lot of benefits. It is a great way to keep your overall costs lower on large installations, ensure that you have enough cables and wires to avoid installation delay, and manage economies of scale on any installation. It also doesn't hurt that we offer 1,000-foot-long bundles of the wires or cables you need at an unbelievable price! Whether you love to tweak and add to your home theater setup or you're a professional installer who goes through a lot of wiring and cables, buying bulk wires and cables are an affordable way to make sure you're always ready for your next project. Order online today!

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