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Custom Fiber Optic Cable Patch Assemblies

Custom Fiber Optic Cable Patch Assemblies can be built to all specifications – specific lengths, colors and more – using Datacomm Cables’ (’s) unique online custom configuration tool.


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Fiber optic cables consist of various glass or plastic fibers that transmit data in the form of light waves. These cables create an essential cabling network for fast, high-quality internet signals and connections. However, with the broad array of options for fiber optic cable designs, it can be challenging to choose premade cables to meet the needs of every environment.

Value-added resellers (VARs), IT integrators and solution providers, audiovisual (A/V) professionals and home users can select the color, materials and type of cables that they need. Either single mode or multimode designs, the cables manufactured by are of superior quality and made from durable materials.

From standard to plenum-rated cables, you’ve got a wide range of options from which to select and customize. The cables are available with specific labels printed on the sleeves so that users knows where exactly to fit them in boxes for unobstructed connections.

If you have additional questions about custom cables, please call us in New York at (631) 617-5190, at (800) 372-3725 [Toll Free] throughout other United States locations, or CONTACT US online.

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