Specialized Projects

Datacomm Cables is your one stop resource for Custom cables and OEM projects. In most cases we can manufacture small quantities of specialized cables in our overseas factories. Since we have all the connections with various factories across all regions, we are not bound to just what "our" factory produces.


So whether you need a ribbon harness, medical power cord, ethernet cable, or fiber optic cable in a length, type, or color that is not readily available on the shelf, please contact us to get a quote and more information, straight from the factory! We only use factories that are UL and ISO listed, and adheree to the highest quality standards.  The following is a list of industries and specialized products we have dealt with. Please contact us for more information.

Alarm & Audio & Electronic Cables
Automotive Cables
Airport Cables
Belden Equivalent Cables
Bus Cables

Coaxial Cables

Control Cables

Cable Glands
Data Cable

Fiber Optic Cables

Flexible Cables

Fire Resisting Cable
Heat Detection Cables
High Temperature Cables
Highway Cables
Instrumentation Cables
Industrial Cables
LAN Cables
Mining Cables
Military Cables
Medium Voltage Cables
Marine Cables
Marine, OIL, GAS & Petrochemical Cables
Power Cables
Railway Cables
Rolling Stock Cables
Rubber & Crane Cables
Security Cables
Special Cables
Spiral Cables
Telephone Cables
Thermocouple Cables
Undersea Cables
Windmill Cable
BS 5308 Cable
BS 5467 Cable

BS 6724 Cable

BS 6346 Cable

BS 7211 Cable

IEC 60502-1 Cable