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Why Precise Optics Is Vital to the Growth of the Internet of Things – Via CustomerThink and
Posted on September 6th, 2017 by Karl Ufert

An article by by contributor, Ritesh Mehta, of TatvaSoft Australia Pty Ltd., entitled, “Why Precise Optics Is Vital to the Growth of the Internet of Things” , was published yesterday on the CustomerThink website. Mehta explains that, “The rationale of fiber options use in the insurance IoT is as simple as the famous adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Linear fiber sensing systems could be utilized to exactly predict where and when preventive action would be needed, lowering the risk of losses as well as reducing the costs of maintenance.”



The article continues to demonstrate several examples of the power of fiber optics, including connectivity through advanced fiber cabling systems, “fiber optics capabilities are particularly relevant in specific IoT apps that are already popular these days. The first two that come to mind are drone and automotive.” For drones and cars, “a well-tuned precise optical system could help”, according to the article, with the specific case of self-driving cars, “the computer vision algorithms inside a self-driving car to see a person even with only one appendage showing.”




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