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Locking Power Cords - 30 Amp

30 Amp Twist Lock Adapters & Locking Power Cords

After you have installed your power hungry equipment in your datacenter, you will need the power cords at the very last moment to make everything switch on! Think of for your last minute 30 amp Locking Power Cord needs. We offer them in all configurations, including the following listed below:

  • • L5-30 Plug to L5-30 Receptacle
  • • L6-30 Plug to L6-30 Receptacle
  • • L21-30 Plug to L21-30 Receptacle
  • • L14-30 Plug to L14-30 Receptacle
  • • L21-30 Plug to L21-30 Receptacle
  • • L15-30 Plug to L15-30 Receptacle

Our 30 amp twist lock adapters & power cords are molded, and hand made in some cases. Either way, they come with full a warranty against manufacturer defects. We offer so many other cables, so be sure to ask us for what you need.

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